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Member: Society for Human Resource Management
American Accounting Association

Member: Society for Human Resource Management

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Business Literacy Survival Guide for HR Professionals
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You need to know the financial health of your company to be a vital part of helping it grow

Thank you for visiting Accounting and Financial Literacy, Inc. We invite you to learn about who we are and how we can help you achieve skills in accounting and finance. The founder of AFL is a CPA who works with all levels of employees in enhancing their skills in business. Dr. Garey has nine years of full time teaching and training experience in a college setting. Whether you are a novice to accounting and finance or on the fast track in management and want to increase your understanding of your organization's financial statements, we have the level of training you need.

Who can benefit from our financial training and education?

When there is a tight job market or jobs are less secure, the best way to "Move UP Not Out" is to add value to your organization by being more financially literate. During training sessions, cash flow is analyzed and explained; balance sheets are reviewed and income statements are dissected so YOU can understand the organization's financials and take an ACTIVE role in decision-making. Although the business is based in Delaware, training sessions are also available in the surrounding region. Half day or whole day sessions are available in Delaware, D.C., Maryland, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.


"Dr. Garey broadened my understanding of the interrelationship of the Financial Statements. The instruction I received has proven to be an invaluable tool in my career progression. I continue to seek her guidance in all things financial."

Rod Strong
Project Manager
Europe, Middle East, and Far East Regions
"Regan Garey hits the nail on the head. She brings clarity to finance in a way that is easy to understand while commanding the full engagement of the audience, receiving rave reviews from a recent presentation for the Delaware State Council for SHRM. One participant said," She really opened our eyes!" I highly recommend her."

Carol Kleiman
Founder and CEO
Attwood/Kleiman Group